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Welcome to Elite Equine Embryos


Elite Equine Embryos provides a website for vendors to advertise their mares, stallions and progeny for sale.  Listings range from the right to flush a mare, service fees, inutero embryos and foals on the ground created through an embryo transfer program.  The listings cover a wide range of equine disciplines which allows access to top genetics today rather than waiting for tomorrow.

It is our aim to facilitate access to the top mares and stallions in the country.

Accessing the elite horses in our industry today, allows you to create the bloodlines you desire for the future.

As a mare owner you can actively increase your mare’s breeding value by campaigning her along side her progeny, while your mare is young, on her way up, or at her peak.

How often have we heard the tragic story of the top open mare that retired to a breeding program, only to find it’s too late, she suffers a freak fatal accident in the paddock, or her success is lost in history. That is when we say, if only I had done something earlier, I have nothing to show for her life’s performance.

As a purchaser how many times have you admired someone else’s mare and wished you had one like that. Why wait until the end of that mare’s career and hope that one day her owner might offer her progeny in a sale years down the track.

Let EEE take the hassle out of creating that team of horses you need on your truck.

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